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Greenback Consulting is the management consulting firm of choice for inspired business leaders. Our innovative marketing, strategy and communications frameworks facilitate decision-making, prioritize programs and guide execution for companies that need to be seen and heard in the marketplace today. Our communication services help clients convey their stories through the power of numbers, words and images. From experience working with large corporate executives, entrepreneurs, as well as institutional and private investors, we help executive teams think through situations, establish decision-making norms, create action plans and tell their stories to connect with current or potential customers, investors and other mission-critical audiences.

We offer frameworks, research, guidance and hands-on talent to help companies find and fund profitable growth.

Marketing and Communications
bullet Branding
bullet Market and competitive research
bullet Marketing strategy
bullet Sales and marketing plans
bullet Product launch and sales support
bullet Content marketing
bullet Press releases
bullet Communications documents
bullet Copy writing
bullet Script writing
bullet Visible experts

Strategy, Development, Capital Raising
bullet Investor communications
bullet Pitch decks
bullet Business plans
bullet Financial models
bullet Operations plans
bullet Product and service requirements
bullet Technology business requirements
bullet Project management

Serving Businesses in Three Primary Sectors
bullet Investments
bullet Health and Wellness
bullet Technology

Our Approach
Ask About Our Deep Dives and Focused Sessions
bullet The Inspired Brand
bullet Build, Buy, Partner
bullet Environmental Scan and SWOT
bullet Scale
bullet Your Innovation Model
bullet Investor Pitch

Marketing in the Center
“We put marketing and the voice of the customer in the center of our work, helping our clients make informed decisions to capitalize on opportunity and avoid mistakes in the marketplace. Since we can partner with clients from concept to launch, our projects reduce costs and interruptions associated with project management of multiple providers and the transition from strategy to execution to bring your concept to market. It is unusual for a single firm to be experts in strategy and execution, and our interdisciplinary approach has been key to our success.”

- Founder, Lisa Christian