Greenback Consulting strategy, marketing, development, communications

Slide1 Founded in 2007, Greenback Consulting is a business development consulting firm. We provide full or partial outsourcing of strategy & development, marketing and integrated marketing communications (IMC) functions to help businesses grow in value and succeed. We also consult with organizations that look to outsource their investment management functions.

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We serve businesses in three primary target markets:
  • Investment services with deep experience in asset and wealth management
  • Technology with an emphasis on capabilities- and innovation-driven growth strategies
  • Health and wellness with a focus on disease prevention, skin care, nutrition and fitness.
Purpose. Growth Strategy. Research.
We help your executives think differently and with higher purpose about their business vision and mission. We research and think through strategies and critical business problems, gain the perspective of customers, and capture priority growth programs that create opportunity and points of differentiation for your company in the marketplace. We help analyze, organize and quantify your vision and help you achieve your goals.

Numbers. Words. Images.
In any media, the written word, numbers and images all make powerful statements in business. We are experts in business communications and financial modeling who can document a compelling qualitative and quantitative business plan tailored to likely investors, or create well researched, visually appealing client communications such as white papers to help you promote your business and unique value proposition. We can assist you with writing, creative design and suited for multiple media to convey your brand.

Action to Make Your Impact.
Strategies and plans must be well executed to add value. We guide your team through planning and implementation, fostering a culture of value creation for all stakeholders to help you see broad-based results and take your organization to a new level. We help you make good business even better.